HeathCare in Canada

healthy peopleThe amount of healthy people is undoubtedly the main indicator of the country’s well-being. But the success of the enterprise consists in its structure. Basic principles of medical care in Canada are fixed in the Health and Social Care Act. These are the principles of principles of universality, accessibility, comprehensiveness, universality, comprehensiveness and population management. Health Care expenses are paid by the taxes gathered from the population, so the treatment is always free of charge.

In Canada, there is a well-developed and well-organized system of hospitals, multidisciplinary as well as specialized. In addition, the country has a wide network of medical centers combining therapeutic and preventive work with teaching the basics of a healthy lifestyle. These hospitals and centers have government funding, but still, more than 95% of all Canadian hospitals are private non-profit organizations. Along with these organizations being funded by the public, there are plenty of private practitioners and nongovernmental hospitals. The healthcare delivery system relies mostly on primary care therapists. Such a health care is usually provided in medical offices.

The so-called «Canadian Pharmacy family therapists» are widely spread in Canada. They are some kind of the intermediaries between the patient and the normal health and care system controlling the access to most of the medical specialists, hospital care, diagnosis and medicines written out on prescription.

This year the Canadian Institute for Health assessed the income of the private medicine in $43.2 billion what is $11.2 billion more than 5 years ago. The Government of Canada announced that by 2020 the amount will be increased to 44 percent.

The outspread dissatisfaction of the publicly funded health and care system of Canada changed the traditional attitude of residents to the paid medicine from hostility to acceptance. It mostly happened because plenty of being in endless queues people finally gave up and went to private hospitals.

The fact is that the perfect, as it earlier seemed, health and care system of Canada called «Medicare» lost its erstwhile performance and popularity. Nowadays Canadians do not care to whom they are to give money; the only thing they worry about is the timely treatment. And the private sector undoubtedly may provide it.